Vigia da Areia is a Rural Tourism project, based on self-catering,
located on Santa Maria Island, in Azores archipelago.


Facing the grandness of the Atlantic Ocean, we have two typical rustic houses on the first terracing of the vineyards at Ponta Negra (The Black Cape),
which is included in the São Lourenço Bay Nature Reserve. Both properties are carefully restored, paying special attention to the harmony between all the modern details that comfort demands nowadays and the respect for the local natural and architectural heritages.

With a unique view to the so called São Lourenço Bay and privileged access to the beach,
Casa da Amora and Casa do Mar are two one-bedroom houses with a modern feel.


The outdoor area has an outdoor heated jacuzzi at your disposal and a cosy reading space,
inviting you to relax and read your favorite book, in a perfect share with the Bay's amazing landscape


Come visit Vigia da Areia and offer yourself a well-deserved pause in time...